Tuesday, November 21, 2006

:: Barcelona a.k.a Gaudi

Gaudi is one of my favorite, should I say, artist? Inspiring me in the whole aspect of being one. The magical organic form that he created shake through the core of me. He fulfilled his dream with supported from his influential friends, creme de la creme of old Barcelona.
On the other hand, it remind us all the un-romantic facts about being an architect or an artist. They have to pairing up with the most powerful people [meaning: money with capital "m"] they could ever get to supported their wildest life and dreams [ouch!!....reality bites, isn't it?]

However, it never made less of him [or whoever the artist/architect was] as long as we just quietly observing their work and we can feel its magical aura flows inside our soul.... give us each their very own unique vibration....

In this case, Gaudi is Barcelona's spirit.