Tuesday, November 28, 2006

:: Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world.....
It's clean and bright, literally. The golden accents in their city sculpture obviously touched and cleaned periodically, show us that the local authority don't have financial issues at all.
Sometimes I feel that even the smell of it was GREAT. It's flowery and fresh coffee.... or was it just my imagination since I was so happy and too excited being there....

I wish I could go there someday with Iwan and Rangga. I'll show them the best museum, gallery and the cute coffee shop in the corner or just browsing around inside Louvre all day long.

The day will come.

:: The Great Eiffel

:: Eiffel 01:
The Structure

:: Eiffel 02:
Spectacular View From Above

:: Eiffel 03:
The Shadow

:: Eiffel 04:
The River

:: Louvre-01:
Le Fountain

:: Louvre-03:
Dramatic Looks

:: Louvre-04:
Stand Wisely

:: Louvre-05:
Old and New