Monday, December 11, 2006

:: Jogjakarta

:: Details from Taman Sari's
Jogjakarta is one of Indonesian greatest tourist destinations. And also, it's my mom homeland, so I came there quite often once in a while. Among its amazing places like the great Borobudur, Keraton [The Palace], Malioboro: the street of heavenly crafts, there's one place I'd never seen before: Taman Sari.
So, one fine day, I was going there with my cousins from Prague and we've got one of becak's driver as our guide there. He showed us the secret passage to it. It's mysterious and fascinating. Dark alleys, people with their roosters, beautiful ruins....
......and whispers from the past....

:: Taman Sari - Secret Passages

:: Secret Passage [01]

:: Secret Passage [02]

:: Secret Passage [03]

:: Taman Sari - Get Closer

:: Gate through the past

:: Ancient

:: Details [01]

:: Details [02]

:: Taman Sari - Inside Beauty

:: Main Facade - Innercourt of Taman Sari
Taman Sari functioned as the king's wife[s] bath place. The main innercourt now already renovated by the government. I was there before it happened so we can see the original ruins from the photographs I took then.
Personally, I like it better as it is because the renovation also took away the place's mysteries. The modern-look renovation cut the messages from the past...

:: Taman Sari - Hidden Mosque Underneath

:: Ancient Stairs

:: Stairways to Heaven

:: For Praying

:: Banten

Banten located near the Famous Krakatoa's. It got mysteriously dark and beautiful surroundings...

.....witness of the great eruption hundred of years ago.

:: The Old Palace of Banten

:: One Sunday Morning


:: inside



:: People of Banten

:: Morning activities at Palace's Square

:: Kids with their precious playground

:: The Tower - Banten Great Mosque

:: The Gate

:: The Tower - Banten Great Mosque

:: The Tower - Banten Great Mosque

:: The Tower - Banten Great Mosque