Tuesday, November 21, 2006

:: Casa Batllo

I love this pretty building so much. It's like a giant [blue] sapphire stone in the middle of busy Barcelona.
They wouldn't let us take pictures inside this building. I found the answer later on, while I was inside it. All details of this building, like most of Gaudi's, are splendidly gorgeous. It's like as if we're accidently push the button of our camera, it will captured something perfect for a postcard no matter what. There’s so many beautiful-hand-made-details there like: door handles, green glass windows with organic shaped wooden frame, cave-like fireplace, mosaic tiles walls, which maybe too precious to share freely. That's why we have to buy the book or postcards for the pictures of its inside details. Well, fair enough, since this kind of building also need loads of fund to keep it charming through time.

In brief, Casa Balto is priceless…..superb….and me gone speechless……
:: Front Facade