Monday, November 20, 2006

:: Flores 2002

I was there with a group of students from Architecture Dept, University of Indonesia.
My travelling partner was Ria Butarbutar [miss you, girl!!]. She's one of my best friends, great companion.

I've found a lot of interesting facts, people and places. It was great and wonderful.
At the last part of our journey, we took the bus from Bajawa to Labuhanbajo for about 12 hours long. The driver was a Flores-born-Chinese man who drove the bus as if it was just a bajaj. He's very lively and full of spirit. Speeding and talking altogether, all the way from one place to another.

In this fascinating trip, we've met a woman who I thought she's the real wonder woman [sorry Dian, it's not you honey....eventhough you keep told me that when we're in].
She's just standing there, in the middle of nowhere, with her THREE children, all under five years old, all boys. The bus stopped, and she got inside right away. She sat right beside my huge back-pack with her precious and once in a while she tried to make a conversation with me [that's why I remember her vividly]. The most memorable part was when all of sudden she threw up near our luggage. I couldn't say a thing and push my self to smile politely......and couldn't take my eyes off the thingy. She ate only green leaves....yet she so strong to carry all of those children around.....More than 5 hours...... With one of the most challenging vehicle ever and the crazy-chatty driver.

Anyway, we reach Labuhan Bajo safely,
...and strangely,
I was peacefully happy...

:: Spacious Wogo

:: Row of Houses at Wogo
Flat and spacious land

:: These are the symbol of gender [fertility and so on]
and the people there using it for ceremonial purposes

:: Children Playing at Wogo Great Square

:: Wolotopo Village

:: Children at Wolotopo

:: First Surprising Glance
View of The Village

:: The Elegance of Chief's Houses:
Located on the highest ground of the village

:: Sacred Chief's Tomb at Wolotopo's

:: Beautiful Bena

:: This scene reminds me of Gaul's Village in Asterix's
The white light above was never there when I took this picture...

:: Behind the Sacred Stones

:: Row of Houses

:: Fabulous View of Bena Village

:: The People

:: Natural Beauty
A girl in Wolotopo Village
posed up on the hill, in front of the lake and mountain.

:: Babysitting Grandma
Once I joined a photography exhibition and I put one similar like this titled: Jauh [far away]

:: Children at Wogo [01]
They're all live in a simple hut like this.
Their smile brighten us all.

:: Children at Wogo [02]
They're happy and healthy.
Even healthier than Jakarta's.

:: Chief Houses

Chief House :: Wolotopo Village, Ende

Chief House :: Wogo Village